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About Us

About our family: Mason and Marzena

We moved to Chiloquin (Klamath County, Oregon) from San Francisco Bay Area to avoid the rat race and all the traffic. We bought almost 50 acres of nice flat land and decided to grow organic garlic plus hay for the horses. It was our dream to have a farm and horses. We both work at Oregon Institute Technology and have summers off so we have plenty of time to work on our farm. We are a family owned farm and dedicated to environmental sustainability, soil tilth and minimal use of plastics (other than our irrigation system). Mason has a PhD in Renewable Energy and we both believe in sustainable living and clean energy. We also love cooking and enjoy healthy foods. We hope you like our organic garlic and stay healthy!

About our farm:

Crate Lake Farm Garlic is a small, certified organic garlic seed farm located in Oregon’s beautiful Klamath County, at the base of Crater Lake. We have very fertile, sandy loam soils created by the eruption of Mt. Mazama (now Crater Lake) and deposited as lake sediments. As the lake retreated, it left behind soils that have just the right ph and higher phosphorous content creating amazing growing conditions. Our 47 acres of garlic and hay is Certified Organic by the Oregon Tilth for the U.S. market. All Crater Lake Farm Garlic is grown in Chiloquin, from U.S.A. grown, organic garlic seed stock.

Preparing the soil and creating raised beds for garlic planting

Crater Lake Garlic Farm

Mason is preparing the soil, working on the tractor, creating raised beds and setting up the water efficient drip irrigation system. Mason is also an engineer and makes sure everything works perfectly. He also teaches at OIT, Renewable Energy and Electrical Engineering.

Planting the garlic and caring for it until the harvest

Crater Lake Garlic Farm

Marzena is planting garlic seed cloves through our organic (MRI listed), bio-degradable mulch paper: Weed Guard Plus. Each clove is carefully selected and planted by hand (only the bigger ones). Then we put mulch on top and wait for the spring to see it grow.